Our Curriculum

Our school is built on a foundation of the core British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, respect and tolerance. These will at all times be addressed directly through lessons and the “acts of worship” programme but they also permeate the whole curriculum. They are the basis of the social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral development of each child. We encourage pupils to consider these values whilst developing knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to become reflective learners and grow into responsible citizens equipped to thrive in modern Britain.

Curriculum Aims
o For every pupil to leave us with a high degree of self-confidence, able to make informed decisions and with a commitment to personal excellence.
o To instill an awareness of community, moral values and spirituality.
o To develop a caring empathy where people behave well and are tolerant of others’ views.
o For every child to achieve and feel positive to move forward to the best of their ability.
o To celebrate success at every opportunity.
o To use the expertise of parents and the wider community.

The school delivers the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum (September 2014) and the following characteristics of good learning:

Skills                                  Environment                                      Attribute

Enquiry                               Ethos and values                                 Self-awareness
Problem-solving                   Classroom routines                              Managing feelings
Creative thinking                  Physical environment                           Motivation
Information processing         Use of ICT                                           Empathy
Reasoning                          Resource rich                                      Social skills
Evaluation                          Sharing and caring                               Teamwork
Communication                  Contributory displays                           Confidence giving

Phonics: Our school follows the Letters and Sounds Scheme alongside the Jolly Phonics actions.

Reading Scheme: The school uses the Oxford Reading Tree and Tree Tops reading schemes.

For further detailed information regarding the curriculum please view the class pages or contact the school office.