From Little Acorns… Mighty Oaks Grow

Our Vision:
To create a nurturing environment which inspires each pupil to achieve their full potential and to leave Rodmarton School as well-rounded young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful citizens in the modern world.

Our aims:
When our pupils leave we want them to be better equipped to:
Communicate ideas and information
Exercise judgement and responsibility
Make rational and informed decisions
Plan and organise
Collaborate with others

They will have:
• Self-confidence
• Optimism
• High self-esteem
• A commitment to personal excellence
• Understanding of, and concern, for the care of the natural environment
• Knowledge, skills and attitudes to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle
They will be:
• Literate, numerate and equipped with the basic skills to fulfil their potential
• Confident, creative and productive seekers of new technologies

Our Values
The following values are important to us:
• Being a Good Citizen
• Persevering
• Concentrating
• Being resilient
• Rising to the Challenge
• Using our Imagination

Our Ethos
Our ethos is built on our values. We are a small, caring and friendly school which treats each pupil as an individual. We seek to help each child understand and develop their particular strengths, interests and talents. We expect everyone to contribute to our community and we encourage pupils to get involved in all aspects of school life. No-one is invisible here and everyone is supported to try new things and to learn through self-reflection and feedback.