PE & Sports

At Rodmarton, we strongly believe that physical activity has a positive influence on all aspects of education. Physical Education (PE) and sports play a vital role in promoting a healthy lifestyle and personal growth, enabling everyone to reach their full potential and fostering lifelong participation in physical activity, regardless of their abilities.

PE and sports help our children develop essential qualities like self-belief, determination, communication, teamwork, and resilience. This leads to improved concentration, attitude, and achievement in all aspects of their personal development.

To support us in achieving this, we are using a portion of our funding to belong to the Kingshill School Primary Partnership. This provides us with greater participation in inter-school sports competitions, specific training for staff, coaching for children, purchasing new resources, and promoting physical activity both in and out of school.

Access to Daily Exercise

We welcome the government’s emphasis on promoting active, healthy lifestyles within the school curriculum. We strive to provide at least 60 minutes of daily exercise a day. We provide two full hours of PE a week at Forest School and with a specialist sports coach. Pupils in Oak class attend 10 hours of swimming lessons a year. Children have 15 minutes of play at break time and, on average, 30 minutes at lunchtime. In addition to this, we also offer a 15-minute daily mile for Sapling and Oak classes and additional playtime for Acorn children.

As a school, we aim to make the most of our wonderful setting and give access to the field as much as possible. We take every opportunity to intersperse learning with visits outside.

Sports Clubs

Our commitment to providing diverse physical activity and skill development opportunities is evident in the range of sports clubs and activities we offer. After school, we offer a minimum of three afternoons of sports clubs in the form of Atlas and Sportily, but we also include clubs such as Archery and Golf. This variety ensures that every child can find a sport or activity they enjoy and excel in.