This year we all dressed up as a character from our favourite book. The ‘Creative Costume’ award went to Lily from Falcon class, who received a voucher for Ocavia’s bookshop in Cirencester.
The winner of the competition to design our library cards was announced. Well done to Eliza for designing the winning entry and Frankie for coming a close second! We would like to say ‘thank – you’ to Octavia for donating book vouchers and supporting our World Book Day events.
Each class visited our Eco-library for the first time since it became a real library with scanners and library cards! Children were given their own library cards and were able to borrow one fiction and one non-fiction book.

‘I really like the new library because we get to take the books home, then we bring them back and we all share!’

Sebastian, Eagle class.

This year all the children read with their ‘book buddy’. This involved the older children sharing books with the younger children. The older children were able to support younger children with their reading and then inspire them by reading their own books. The children really enjoyed this activity and we hope there will be more opportunities in the future for the book buddies to read together.