I have three children ranging in age from 15 down to 6 years. It is this ongoing experience as a parent that I bring to the Governing board which enables me to contribute as a parent governor. Up until 1998 I worked in the City as a Futures broker in a leading investment bank, primarily with German-speaking clients .

Name of governor: Natalie Haines, BA in German Studies University of Nottingham
Type of governor: Parent
Appointed by: Elected by parents unopposed
Date of appointment: 04/02/15
Term of office: 4 years
Link governor roles: English, PE & sports
Relevant business and pecuniary interests: None
Governance roles in other educational institutions: None
Relationships between other governors or school staff: None
Attendance at governing body meetings for academic year 2015/2016: 1/1
Attendance at committee meetings for academic year 2015/2016: 1/1